About us

About Dini Têxtil

Over 30 years in the textile market

Founded in 1991, Dini Têxtil is dedicated to the production of technological yarns and fabrics mainly for industrial markets, including: automotive, aerospace, hospital, personal protective equipment and safety vests, and office furniture. Today the company is a leading supplier of fabrics for the bus and automotive aftermarket segments.

We are constantly looking for new technological and marketing solutions.

We are currently leading the way in the development of graphene yarns that give fabrics new functionalities such as mechanical resistance, thermal and electrical conductivity, as well as providing an eco-friendly process that does not generate effluents, reducing resource consumption and emissions.

This forward-looking vision leads to valuing human beings and preserving the environment.


Variety of Products

Manufacturing units


Working with composites or nanostructures to obtain special yarns such as graphene yarns, ceramics and others.

Fabric Manufacturing

The fabric manufacturing area has all the technologies needed to produce any type of product, for any segment.

Cutting and sewing

The area was created to guarantee the quality of the final product, as well as offering customization and adaptation to the needs of each client.

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